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The danger is real, threats to operational continuity are a way of life...

The danger is real, threats to operational continuity are a way of life...

The danger is real, threats to operational continuity are a way of life...The danger is real, threats to operational continuity are a way of life...The danger is real, threats to operational continuity are a way of life...



Mr. White  - 'Project Manager - Hostile Environments'

​Special HUMINT advisor to the head of ISAF. Special Advisor to Richard Holbrooke, General  David McKiernan, General Stanley McChrystal and Intelligence Director for Anti-Piracy operations in Somalia and other Sub-Saharan conflict zones. Creator of ground networks in Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan.

Mr. Black – 'Intelligence and Security Team Leader'

Former UK Royal Marine Commando, Team Leader / Mentor / Trainer for 'Legacy Program' Afghanistan RC North - lead trainer to Afghan Army and Afghan Intelligence Service. 20 years experience in hostile environments including N. Ireland, Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ms. Chartreuse - 'Geopolitical Risk Strategist'

Extensive experience in human rights and good governance, senior level roles at the UN including with the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in North Korea and the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, in country expertise on China, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Korea among others.

Mr. Red – 'Project Manager / Corporate Strategy'

8 years experience advising multinational corporations operating in hostile and remote areas of operations. Former US DoD private sector consultant on battlefield simulation solutions for Urban Warfare Environments and Close Quarters Battle. Provided HUMINT programs for Foreign MIL/INT division as Special Advisor in Wakhan Corridor, Kashgar Region and AfPak. 24 years of experience in strategic advisory, enhanced due diligence, financial engineering and direct investments in both publicly traded and privately held companies.

Dr. Violet - 'Disaster and Risk Expert'

19 years’ experience in international disaster risk management; multi-hazards; mitigation planning;  international disaster policy development; international coalition-building; resilience & sustainable development and humanitarian assistance. Advisor to multiple governments on disaster relief, risk management and civ-mil humanitarian efforts including United States, China, ASEAN Nations, New Zealand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bolivia, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Advisor to US Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA); United Nations; Center for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (CDMHA); and others.

Mr. Brown – 'Counter Intel'

5th Special Forces Group, Major (retired), 30 years+ experience in intelligence. Was with first unit that landed in Afghanistan hunting Osama bin Laden in late 2001. Currently advisor to US UAV (drone) program .

Mr. Chrome – 'Close Protection / Executive Protection' 

Australian Special Forces, UK Special Air Service Regiment (badged), Close Protection specialist for Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, Security Manager for The Amazing Race, multiple high net worth clients and executives.

Mr. Grey – 'Executive Protection / Close Protection / MARSEC' 

Former Naval Special Warfare Group, (SEAL's), Petty Officer - Team 1 West, Team 3 West, DEVGRU Trainer. Currently manager for MARSEC PSC Gulf of Aden.

Mr. Gold – 'Cyber Security' 

'White-Hat' consultant on cyber security and penetration testing to multiple governments, US DoD, US NSA, US DIA, Fortune 100 companies.​

Ms. Copper - 'Corporate Investigations'

Previous experience in financial crimes, corporate fraud investigations and deep due diligence for one of the world's leading firms in:

  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery assessments on a reseller or distributor, including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and Bribery Act
  • Reputational and risk management
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility, including human rights violations and conflict minerals reporting
  • Fraud, embezzlement, financial irregularities and money laundering
  • Counterfeiting and intellectual property infringement
  • Anti-competitive behaviour and price fixing

Mr. Purple – 'Close Protection / Security Audits' 

Former Singapore Army, Security Operator in hostile environments, fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. UK trained and certified in Close Protection, Surveillance and FPOS-i.