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The danger is real, threats to operational continuity are a way of life...

The danger is real, threats to operational continuity are a way of life...

The danger is real, threats to operational continuity are a way of life...The danger is real, threats to operational continuity are a way of life...The danger is real, threats to operational continuity are a way of life...




Hostile Environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Central Asia represent multiple challenges to foreign companies operating there.

The principals at Empirica / MASC Solutions (Asia) "EMSA" have decades of experience operating in conflict zones ranging from Northern Ireland, Somalia, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, to Kuwait. Through EMSA's strategic partnership with MASC Executive www.mascexecutive.com , talent is drawn from former Special Operations Forces and Military Intelligence Services complemented with strategic and business professionals; resulting in a deep understanding of client needs.

Substantial experience in  'asymmetrical' warfare and intelligence gathering enables EMSA to provide bespoke solutions to executives and corporations operating in hostile areas where threats are imminent although difficult to assess and resolve. EMSA works with local populace and government/tribal leaders in a 'unity of effort' approach thereby greatly diminishing risk.

EMSA is able to provide customized training and mentoring programs on Human Intelligence Gathering ("HUMINT") / Counterinsurgency ("COIN") / Counter-terrorism ("CT") / Hostile Environments Awareness Training ("HEAT") to Governments and Private Sector Security Organizations.



As opportunities in frontier markets open up, so do the risks inherent with them. Accessing the proper decision makers and negating the risk of fraud and illicit situations is paramount to operating in these markets.

Empirica, through our network of government, military and intelligence relationships honed over many years, is able to soundly assist our clients in navigating these challenges.

Through our strategic partnerships with local intelligence firms, which have deep experience in all corners of the globe, we also provide services that include threat/risk assessment, corporate investigations, due diligence, specialized research and advice on both frontier and emerging markets.



Protection Dog

Tailored to your needs, the Protection Dog is trained to detect and counter threats and will protect your family, home and anything else you desire. The Protection dog will  bring a new level of prevention to home invasion, street assault, carjacking and threats that you define. The Protection dog is loyal, incorruptible, ever vigilant and unquestioning of your orders.

Explosive Detection Dog

In use in several countries, is a reliable bio detector that has no technical match and which most government science labs predict will have no technical match for many years to come. The result of an intensive breeding and selection programme over 20 years, the Explosive Detection Dog is available for Military, Humanitarian, Police or Civil / Industrial explosive detection work.

Enhanced Assurance Search Dog

Trained for over 18 months, the Enhanced Assurance Search Dog is a highly reliable bio detector capable of detecting minute particles of explosives through earth and water, indoors and outdoors by day and night and in all climactic environments. Mature, battle inoculated and trained to exacting standards, the Enhanced Assurance Search Dog is proven in combat in Afghanistan, where it saves lives every day, as well as in civil environments around the world. Currently operating in Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and Europe, The Enhanced Assurance Search Dog is used in High Threat environments or when a level of assurance beyond the normal or routine is required, such as at VVIP events.